WASHINGTON – Today, National Farmers Union (NFU) announced support for a petition to require the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to enforce provisions in the Clean Air Act (CAA) that allow farmers and ranchers to repair their own equipment.

“Farmers need the Right to Repair. We face all sorts of challenges, and the freedom to repair our own equipment shouldn’t be an issue,” said NFU President Rob Larew. “We’re glad to join in this specific effort to push for Right to Repair through the EPA’s enforcement mechanisms and we will continue to push broadly for all legal and legislative avenues to secure that right.” 

The petition, filed by Right to Repair advocate Willie Cade, asks the court to issue a writ of mandamus compelling the EPA to take action requiring John Deere to comply with the CAA.

In the highly consolidated farm equipment industry – where just four companies control over 95% of the market – Right to Repair has become an increasingly important issue as companies wield their market power to restrict access to diagnostics and repair of their equipment. Past broken promises by equipment manufacturers underscore the need for farmers to have certainty.

As part of the Fairness for Farmers campaign, NFU is pushing for legislative, regulatory, and legal fixes on Right to Repair, market consolidation, and other issues impacting farmers’ ability to operate in a fair market.

An audio copy of President Larew’s quote can be found here.